Leaked: Samsung's new DeX Pad turns a phone into a desktop PC while the phone works as the touchpad

Feb 9, 2018

Samsung's attempt at turning your phone into a viable desktop PC debuted with the Galaxy S8 and the DeX Station. It lets you connect your Samsung phone to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and use it as a desktop PC. There obviously are numerous issues and inconveniences with the DeX Station, which make it not-so-usable. Samsung was expected to be working on a way to minimise these inconveniences, and the latest leak only materialises the expectations. Noted leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) has posted images of an upcoming version of the DeX Station on his Twitter account. Dubbed as the DeX Pad, the next evolution from Samsung is expected to be launched with the Galaxy S9, which itself is set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona later this month.

Samsung had filed a trademark for the DeX Pad at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) back in December. Though the filing didn't exclusively talk about the design of the new DeX Station, everyone expected it to be different from the first one. And the latest leak proves that true! The new DeX Pad holds the phone flat, unlike the DeX Station for the S8, that would keep the phone standing up somewhat awkwardly.



This new flat design would be more compact for carrying around while accommodating different size phones. Furthermore, it also opens up the possibilities of using the phone's screen as a touchpad.



As you can see, the Pad has a raised section with a USB Type-C connector to plug your phone in. There are two Type-A USB ports, which you can probably use to connect a keyboard, storage, or a mouse if you still want to use one. There's a HDMI port, for connecting an external display. There also appears to be a fan to keep the phone cool, while it goes through the rigorous exhausting tasks.

If you'll recall, the DeX Station launched with the Galaxy S8 could transform the phone into a desktop PC, so long as you have a screen, a mouse, and a keyboard. This upgraded DeX device seems all set to eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard. There’s still no official word on the launch date or the cost of the device. All eyes now set on the Galaxy S9 'Unpacked' event, to be held on February 25 in Barcelona.

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