You may soon be able to text your Android Messages from the web

Asseh Rebecca
Feb 11, 2018

Google may be getting ready to launch a web interface that would allow users to pair their phones with a computer and text on a web browser of their choice. The function of the web interface is similar to Google Allo for web or WhatsApp Web. A teardown first noticed by Andriod Police reveals some intriguing features to the code they discovered for the very latest version of Android Messages. Google is preparing to release a web-based messaging tool, messaging over Wi-Fi, activity indicators (read, typing, delivered, etc.), and mobile payments.

Google has been in the game of making messaging apps and services with its Google Allo, Hangouts, Voice, and Android Messages apps, each with one with distinct but complementing features as they perform the same the same task. Googles continuously upgrade it services. With the hope of taking on Apple's iMessage platform.  iOS and macOS users utilize Apple's iMessage platform in sending and receiving messages. This feature has endeared iPhone users to Apple products due to a large number of users on the iMessage platform.

The code disclosed that multiple browsers and computers will be supported. To pair your phone with your computer, you will likely visit a web page, and scan a QR code. Then you will be able to link your device to the web interface and perform MMS/SMS/RCS messaging through their network carrier. Google might offer the Rich Communication Services (RCS) with its upgraded chat features.

Text messages do not support read receipts, group messaging features, or animated stickers but the RCS offers its users read receipts, higher resolution images, and typing indicators, among others. The adoption of RCS is dependent on carriers implementing it and making it compatible, which is why it hasn't been widely adopted as of yet. Google is yet to give an update or respond to the speculation on the messaging platform.

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