Nokia launches smart city Platform and IoT management tools

Asseh Rebecca
Feb 21, 2018

Nokia launches “IoT for Smart Cities," a framework of services and technologies that enables master systems integrators (MSI) to manage a smart city's video surveillance, net of things sensors, parking, network, and environment. The platform would be a fully integrated modular and amendable framework managed by operators and able to efficiently deliver and manage smart city services. It will also be unlocking new revenue streams by rapidly launching new smart city services addressing city council needs.

The internet of things (IoT) offers boundless opportunities and services for cities and Nokia is making efforts that revolves around creating a framework and platform to knit together various services. With IoT, cities can utilize data to keep its citizens safe, manage traffic, cut pollution and make better use of infrastructure. Nokia is not the only one targeting smart city management as technology vendors such as Huawei, Cisco, Verizon and others are all interested in Smart city management. IDC estimates that smart cities will spend $135 billion on technology by 2021. To power its smart city operations, Nokia has orchestrated an integrated Operations Center (IOC).

IoT for Smart Cities, which is a modular integrated framework to unify smart city management consoles and scale up services. Nokia's Integrated Operations Center can orchestrate a city's technology and drive revenue, enhanced efficiency, improved decision making as well as save costs.

Sensing is a Service, which offers analytics and data services for IoT networks, that uses blockchain to enable smart contracts and can intriguingly spot environmental changes as well as illegal construction. S-MVNO (secure mobile virtual network operator) for Public Safety Nokia is enabling cities create and offer broadband services to public safety agencies.

Nokia is a company best known for its devices, but it could also be a key network infrastructure provider alongside Ericsson. Other top players in the telecom equipment line are hoping that revenue in later years will drive up due to developments ranging from smart cities to 5G to IoT.

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