Nvidia Pascal GPUs Based on Samsung’s 14nm Production Tech Soon to Arrive

Faith Obafemi
Feb 20, 2018

News have been going round that later this year, Nvidia will be releasing new GPUs based on its Ampere architecture. While we wait for confirmation of that, we can be certain that Samsung will be producing some new Nvidia Pascal GPUs based on 14nm production.

The hardware and electronics giant, Samsung won the contract to produce the Nvidia Pascal GPUs. Production is billed to commence towards the end of the year. Everyone is eager to see the performance of the new GPUs by Samsung, especially in comparison with the performance of Ampere architecture based GPUs.

Perhaps all these is to form the big picture of setting up Nvidia as a goto mining company. That's because, Nvidia recently partnered with BITNAND to produce mining cards to be submitted to Nvidia.

The NVIDIA P106-090 6GB Mining Cards cost $389 but will each have varying mining performance depending on the batch it was produced.


Apart from these mining cards produced by BITNAND, we can look forward to a more powerful mining specific card. Hopefully, later this year, Nvidia will be releasing a new mining card: Nvidia Turing, to be unveiled at the GTC 2018 event. Nvidia Turing will be a dedicated cryptocurrency mining card.

We can see that Nvidia will not only be releasing two GPU series this year - one based on 14nm production and the other based on Ampere architecture; one dedicated to gaming and the other dedicated to mining - it will also be releasing mining specific cards.

It's possible the mining specific cards are to make up for the Ampere architecture based GPUs blocking mining at the hardware level. That means, they would no longer cost so much as miners would lose interest in it.

Nvidia is confident it would command a large market share, even better than that of its competitor AMD which it claims are not a threat.

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