Samsung Galaxy S9 UK Price Leaked, Higher than Galaxy S8 at launch

Feb 6, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 is just a few weeks away from its official launch, with Samsung confirming that it'll unveil the device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on February 25. The impending unveiling may not have many surprises in the store as we already know quite a lot about both the Galaxy S9 and S9+. If there's something we don't know about the much anticipated Samsung flagship devices, then it should be their prices. How much is the Samsung Galaxy S9 going to cost? Well, we finally have something regarding this and people might find it hard to digest.

According to a UK based website TechRadar, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost £100 more than last year's Galaxy S8. Citing a source in the 'mobile phone deals industry', the website claims that the pricing for the Galaxy S9 will start from £789 in the UK. By the same logic, the Galaxy S9+ will likely be available from £879 SIM-free.

"You can expect the S9 to cost £100 more than the Galaxy S8 when it was released last year. "The truth is that last year's massively inflated smartphone prices on handsets like the S8, Note 8 and iPhone X have shown that there are plenty of people out there willing to pay these higher prices," TechRadar quotes their anonymous source as saying.



If you assume similar inflation in the US prices of the device, it suggests the Galaxy S9 price will be around $850 in the US.

This steep rise in the prices of flagship devices will be hard to stomach for many. And if one could recall, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched only 24 months ago for just £569. But the mobile industry is changing quite quickly, and it is predictable that this year's flagship phones were always going to be a bit more expensive. This trend will continue and we're not far from seeing a phone landing well north of the £1,000 / $1,000 barrier.


When can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?

As we said, Samsung will unveil the device at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona on Sunday, February 25. Pre-orders for the device should begin immediately after the event, that is by March 1. Samsung tends to leave a few weeks in between launch and release dates of its flagship devices. Also, most of the device makers, including Samsung, like to stock the shelves on a Friday. Considering all these events, the best guess is that you'd get to clutch your brand new Galaxy S9 on or around March 16 2018.

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