Samsung patents drone, you can control with your voice and eyes.

Asseh Rebecca
Feb 20, 2018

Samsung was awarded a patent on the 13th of  February for a 'Flying Display Device' which would be controlled by the voice and eyes. Samsung is considering the creation of flying devices, which would be able to interpret your gestures, eye movements, and voice commands. So just by turning your head, your pupil movement or lifting your eyebrows, you can control the device. The drone has a screen attached to its body frame and it looks like a tablet connected to a drone.

The Korean tech giant filed for the original patent in April 2015, the documentation for the patent was filled with the USPTO in January 2016, but Samsung Display was awarded the US Patent 9,891,885 on February 13, 2018. The patented Samsung device would be able to track the user’s eyes, the head, and hand gestures. Other features include an accelerometer, GPS, Wi-Fi, gyroscope, and a vibration system. The drone will also be equipped with the ability to respond to voice commands through its Voice recognition technology and the drone can adjust the display’s angle to meet your needs. Also, the Flying Display Device will be equipped with a power supply unit, a communication module, and an obstacle detection unit.

Illustrations of the Flying Display Device indicates that the display is integrated into the center of the drone, while the screen is borne on four small propellers built around it to enable the device get airborne. The motors swivel around moving the screen to a more suitable viewing angle for the person in front of it. The patent does not give us explicit details on the function that the display can perform but it can perform a communication function.

Samsung is not the only one with the idea of creating innovative drones as two months ago, LG patented a drone with an innovative landing. Samsung might alter the design or add more features to the patent. But then like most patent, it might not see the light of day. Although no official statement has been gotten from Samsung on whether it will be seeing this patent through to the marketplace. We are however delighted that Samsung is looking into making innovative drones.

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