Samsung patents a new way for smartwatches to measure blood pressure

Feb 16, 2018

Once upon a time, we were fascinated by the fact that our new smartwatch could measure our heart rate. Over time more and more tech devices have this capability and the novelty is wearing off. Now, Samsung has filed a patent for a watch that can actually measure your blood pressure!

The measurement of blood pressure has not been easy as it requires a VERY tight fitting band to go around the arm or hand. The new patent shows the reading is actually taken by the use of a light sensor, similar to the current heart rate sensors. It works by shining polarized light onto the surface of the skin and then senses the intensity of the scattered light.






In the patent drawings we can see that the name used is Samsung Gear X and the design is very similar to the Samsung Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Neo watches. I'm sure this is just a placeholder and the real device and device name will be something completely different. The OS Powering it all will still most likely be Tizen, Samsung are not developing any other OS for this role.

As we all know there are a huge amount of patents that never materialise into an actual shipping product, but I do hope Samsung made this is a reality as there are many people out there that need an accurate way to measure blood pressure several times a day, and this could make their lives easier. With the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), perhaps their readings can go straight into the cloud and diagnosed with their heart rate? Yes, I like the sound of that.


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