Samsung teases Galaxy S9's take on this iPhone X camera tool and other features

Feb 16, 2018

As we near the mega MWC 2018  event for the Galaxy S9 launch, Samsung is trying hard to make sure that excitement for the flagship phone reaches sky-high by the time it comes round. The company is leaving no stone unturned to tease us with feature highlights of the phone. It has recently released a handful of quick ads on its YouTube channel. The pacy ads may seem cryptic at first, but they all hint at new camera features coming to the Galaxy S9. Have a look at them below.

Video 1: Special low-light photography

The first video shows several low-light scenes in quick succession. At the end, we see the silhouette of a deer in near darkness. The animal is lit up when the number 9 appears around its head.

What it hints: The video clearly hints at an improved low-light photography in the Galaxy S9 camera. Galaxy S9 is rumoured to have a new camera lens that improves low-light photos. The camera is said to be able to switch between F1.5 and F2.4 apertures depending on the scenario, enabling to let in more or less light as needed.


Video 2: Super-slow-motion video recording

The action-packed video ad features a number fast-paced clips in quick succession. Towards the end, a swiftly falling skydiver is almost frozen in time at the center of the number 9.

What it hints: The video emphasizes on lightning-quick focusing and super-slow-motion video recording ability of the camera. The Galaxy S9 is expected to come with Samsung’s new ISOCELL camera sensors. The 3-stack fast readout sensor allows the camera to record video at a whopping 480 frames per second, recording super-slow-mo videos at a high-resolution.


Video 3: 3D Emoji

The third and final ad follows a very expressive guy through a handful of scenarios, focusing on his facial expressions as he goes from pensive, to sad, to excited, and then happy. At the end, the number 9 surrounds his face and turns it into a little cartoon version, much like an emoji. The feature is more or less a take on the iPhone X's Animoji tool.

What it hints: The Galaxy S9 was rumoured to come with a new camera feature that could turn a facial expression into an emoji. The ad clearly confirms that the S9 could indeed turn you into an animated version of yourself.


Samsung has been proudly prioritising improved camera features in its Galaxy S9 ads. The invite to the launch event also teases camera improvements, stating that it’ll “redefine the way you share your moments.” Now that the event is not too far away, Samsung clearly wants the excitement for the phone to stay sky-high. Stay tuned for more on the Samsung's flagship phone of the year.

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