Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 1.2 and Tizen Studio 2.2 released with support for Tizen TV app development

Feb 9, 2018

Tizen and Samsung's joint effort to reach out to as many developers as possible to develop for the Tizen platform landed them with a partnership with Microsoft over a year ago and with that, Visual Studio Tools for Tizen came into existence. The whole motive of the tool was to bring C# developers onboard for Tizen development in a language they are comfortable with i.e- .NET C#.

Now, the latest update to the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen has been released and hence bringing it version 1.2. Along with it, Samsung has also released version 2.2 of the Tizen Studio. This goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 1.2 release as now, developers can now develop apps for the Samsung Smart TVs that run on Tizen TV.


Samsung has released the Tizen .NET TV APIs for developers to take advantage of to build their desired application. Samsung has also included a Tizen TV emulator to aid developers and help them test their apps without an actual Samsung Smart TV.

The new release also brings some IoT specific updates to the platform. Developers working on IoT related projects can now easily go through the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation process without any big hassles. CSR is required to get access to SmartThings platform by downloading the cloud certificates. This option is available in Certificate Manager in Tizen Studio 2.2 to generate a CSR automatically. Using the CSR you can download the cloud certificates, which is required to access the SmartThings cloud.

You can find the complete Release Note from here. To download Tizen Studio, head over here. To set up the development environment and start working on Visual Studio Tools for Tizen, head over here.

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