Breath - Stress Relief App for Gear S2 / S3 / Sport and Android

Mar 5, 2018

Have you ever experienced stress, or felt your heart rate accelerating and a feeing of helplessness overwhelming you? You might feel a constricting feeling in your chest. Doctors and specialists stress the importance of doing breathing exercises when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, but do you really remember this advice every time? Well, luckily now, there’s an app for that!


Breath, for the Gear S2/S3/Sport and for Android, strives to help you relax during your most stressful moments. Whether you’ve just finished a particularly nerve-wracking meeting, gotten into an argument with your boss, didn’t make it to the metro on time, or just feel like there’s no escape, you can count on Breath to relax you.



Just open the app on your watch (download here: - USD$0.99), choose your breathing duration - from one minute for quick relaxation to seven minutes for deep relaxation, and press start. The app will guide you through the breathing exercise and will monitor your heart rate. Once the exercise is done, the app will show you how much your heart rate changed during the exercise, so you can immediately see positive results.



For even more help relaxing, download the Android app (here: - Free). You can keep track of your progress, the breaths you’ve taken daily, the changes in your heart rate, and other useful statistics. Also, once you sign in, you will start earning badges for breathing. See if you can reach all the way to Golden Nirvana! Breath is improving as you use it, we listen to your feedback and the most wanted features will be implemented! Come join us and breathe better!



This is a guest post by Alexander Goncharov of Daragon Technology.

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