Developer survey shows Linux as more popular than Windows

Mar 22, 2018

Every year since 2010, Stack Overflow conducts a developer survey where they ask the developer community about everything from their favorite technologies to their job preferences. The results of the eighth annual survey, held in January 2018, are out and not surprisingly, this year marks the largest number of respondents ever. Over 100,000 developers took the 30-minute survey revealing how they learn new technologies, which tools they use to get their work done, and what they look for while hunting some job.

The survey itself included various fields, starting from geographical location of the developers, their education, experience, to the technology and platform the use. Today, we’ll be telling you about the language and platforms that were most commonly used by the developers, their primary operating system and the number of monitors they use.


Programming language

According to Stack overflow, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for the sixth year in a row. 69.8% of the 78,334 respondents use JavaScript for programming. The use of Python has been increasing gradually, as it surpassed C# this year and PHP the year before.



Development platform

48.3% respondents on the survey use Linux platform for their development work. It was followed by Windows Desktop or Server with 35.4%. Android, AWS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, WordPress, and iOS also seem to be quite popular platform among the developers.



Primary operating system

Though Windows isn't the first choice development platform, it still tops the chart of preferred operating system of the developers. Almost 50% of the developers work on Windows operating system. The rest 50% work either on Mac OS or Linux base operating systems.



Number of monitors

The survey revealed that more than 65% developers use two or more monitors on their main workstation. Moreover, almost 3% of the respondents have four or more monitors on their work set-up. On an average, every developer have two monitors on their workstation.



Through the survey, Stack Overflow also revealed that C# is the highest-paying language with an average salary of $74,000. Developers working on Ocaml, Clojure and Groovy also earn a salary of more than $70,000. Meanwhile CSS is the lowest paying one, with a salary of $53,000. You can find the complete results of the survey here.

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