Grab this $30 VTech Stormtrooper smart watch for your kids

Mar 20, 2018

So, those of you out there looking for a present for a small child, this might be for you. This V-Tech Stormtrooper smartwatch is at it's lowest price to date, $29.99 where you save $30. It has a variety of different features AND the watch is based off Star Wars. Meaning some of the features have relation to Star Wars. You can take pictures with it, and after you've taken one, you can add special Star Wars effects. It has three mini games (Asteroid Battle, Rotation Puzzle, Find the Fighter) that you can play with using the touch screen and / or the motion sensor.


The watch is educational too

This watch teaches little kids how to read the time by choosing between 30 Star Wars watch face designs. There's also a voice recorder that can make you change the voice making the person sound like they're from Star Wars. Using the motion sensor that's mentioned, you can also activate certain sound effects. Two lightsaber modes and more (I won't spoil it ALL.)  Now, you may be thinking, what if they play when they're not allowed to? Well, there is a lock for games. Another good thing being the fact that there is an alarm function on it. So if your kids don't want to take it off, lock the games and turn on their regular alarm time.

The colour of the watch is black but the screen is rimmed with red but on Amazon, the colour is 'storm troomper' I'm not sure if that's a colour to be honest. Make sure you don't bring the watch into a pool or drop it liquids due to the fact that the watch is only splash proof.


$30-VTech-Stormtrooper-smart-watch-kids-2 $30-VTech-Stormtrooper-smart-watch-kids-1


Make sure you grab your own watch while the sale lasts! If you have any requests if you're a developer, contact us at [email protected] and tell us about your game, app or watchface. Adios!

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