OnePlus Cryptocurrency: Are we being pranked?

Asseh Rebecca
Mar 29, 2018

Chinese mobile manufacturer OnePlus has joined the bandwagon of companies interested in Cryptocurrencies as the company surprised its fans by revealing on Wednesday that its next smartphones will have an iPhone X-like notch. However, the company which is known for its April Fool’s pranks, in a 26-second video titled “Change is coming,” has unveiled an early teaser that it might unveil its own cryptocurrency initiative.

OnePlus known for its unconventional ways posted a video on social media in which the company's Co-Founder, Carl Pei teases the company's foray into cryptocurrency. However being familiar with the companies history and the timing it seems most likely an April Fool's prank. In the video,  Carl Pei states that the company want to “reimagine one of the most fundamental elements of our everyday life, currency.” The video also unveils a coin with the OnePlus logo on one side, and “E PLURIBUS PEI-UM’ on the other referring to the motto of the United States which is stamped on US currency, ‘E Pluribus Unum’ which means ‘out of many, one.'

By this time last year, the company also teased, “Meet the future of Dash Charge tomorrow,” and this fooled a lot of persons into thinking that the company may unveil a new version of its Dash Charge technology before the launch of its next smartphone, the OnePlus 5. Later, we discovered that it was a joke about a new energy drink.

However, OnePlus is getting ready to release the OnePlus 6 in Q2 this year. The company has officially confirmed that it will be joining the “notch”  trend popularised by Apple and provided an image and the exact dimensions of what the notch will look on its next flagship alongside exact dimensions. Carl Pei reveals the company's motive in an interview. While we are not sure if OnePlus is up to its usual pranks, we also do not know if the company may release limited quantities of the ‘OnePlus Coins to its fans. Check out the video below:



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