Samsung announces its 2018 Tizen TV lineup

Asseh Rebecca
Mar 8, 2018

Samsung is hitting us with its best shot as the tech company unveils its 2018 Smart TV lineup. The line up which was unveiled at an event in New York has Samsung offering us details of its new QLED model which includes the Q9F, Q8F, Q7C and Q6F. The new QLED line with enhanced picture quality, design element and also integrated with Bixby. Samsung also gave details of its expanded lineup of Ultra HD certified, Premium UHD and Super Big Screen TVs.

The 2018 QLED TVs will come in both flat and curved versions. The QLED TVs would act as a hub for Samsung’s home gadgets such as lights, thermostat and the rest of Samsungs home gadget portfolio. It is a way for Samsung to simplify its ecosystem of connected gadgets by bringing everything under the umbrella of the SmartThings app. The SmartThings app will enable consumers to interact with their TV and a multiple of other devices through the SmartThings app. The QLED TVs will have features such as enhanced colour and contrast. It would have one remote control and the near-Invisible cable which will allow consumers place their TVs where they feel comfortable without it necessarily being close to a power outlet. The 15meters optical cable will transmit both the power and AV data to the TV.

The QLED TVs will feature ambient mode, which means it can replicate the pattern on the wall allowing the TV blend into the wall. When not in use, it turns your TV into a smart display providing useful information such as traffic reports, news headlines and temperature throughout the day.

The QLED TVs will be available in the following options:

  • Q9F: 75-inch, 65-inch
  • Q8F: 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch
  • Q7C: 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch
  • Q6F: 82-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch

Samsung also highlighted its 2018 Premium UHD Models which includes:

  • Samsung NU8500 ( 65- and 55-inches): This TV features a curved screen rather than a flat one it also utilizes an edge-lit LED LCD panel and a quad-core processor. The NU8500 will be Bixby and SmartThings supported as well as feature HDR10 and HDR10+ support.
  • Samsung NU8000 (82-, 65-, 55- and 49-inches): The flat Samsung NU8000 which is similar to the NU8500 will have the same edge-lit LED LCD panel and quad-core processor as well as HDR10 and HDR10+ format support.

The Samsung Premium UHD Models include:

  • NU8500 (55”, 65) and NU8000 (49, 55, 65, 75, 82). These TVs will feature Smart Things enhancement, HDR10+ format and will all be Ultra HD certified and One Remote Control.

The Samsung 2018 UHD TV Models include:

  • NU7500: 49, 55, 65
  • NU7400: 43, 50, 55, 65
  • NU7300: 49, 55, 65
  • NU7100/20 (40, 43, 49, 55, 65, 75

The UHD series will feature pure Color particularly in the NU7300 model and the NU7100 model. The TV will display 4K colour and include HDR10+ format. Samsung also has its audio line up created to fit its users needs form the HW-950, HW-N650, HW-NW700 to the VL550 each of the four audio lineups revealed by Samsung has a unique sound offering to suit different individuals. Samsung announced that the new TVs will arrive in April, with pricing due anytime soon.

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