Samsung Gear S2 to get a massive software update

Mar 27, 2018

The Samsung Gear S2 is scheduled to receive a massive software update, bringing-in the range of novelties it's owners had been waiting for. The update, in fact, is so big that it warranted a dedicate blog post from Samsung explaining all the novelties it brings. The update, which includes interface as well as functionality enhancements, breathes a new life in the company's second-gen wearable.


Enhanced user interface

To start off, we look at all the new interface changes the update brings to the Gear S2. The update optimizes the icons and widgets for the watch’s circular display, giving it a refreshed look. Samsung claims that the new interface will also enhance usability and not just the looks.




There is a new App Shortcuts widget that automatically arranges your most recent apps, though you still can pick your favorites manually. However, the biggest of all the UI enhancements should be the ability to access "pull-down" menu for fast settings such as display brightness, volume and airplane mode from any screen. Earlier, the quick panel was accessible from the watch face screen only.


All the new Samsung Health

The Gear S2 has now become a mighty exercise companion, thanks to a smarter and even more intuitive Samsung Health. It’s now all the more easier to manage and track your health information, such as pace count and heart rate. There's also a new multi-workout widget, which lets users set their preferred exercise type for quick access. The inactivity alerts can also be tailored accordingly, so as they don't interrupt at an ill-opportune time.




Syncing your Gear S2 with Samsung Health on your smartphone will also bring a few additional options to explore after the new update. For instance, the Weight Management feature now displays your daily exercise and caloric intake. In addition, you can now also access and control exercise-related video content on your connected TV from your Gear S2.




Gear S2: The remote controller

There are more options to use the Gear S2 as a controller now, with dedicated apps for TV, Gear VR or presentations. The official Gear VR controller app and the PPT Controller app will allow users to control their Gear VR and display of PowerPoint slides hassle-free.




Never get caught in weather

Samsung extends the usefulness of Gear S2 by making a detailed weather forecasts available on the watch every day. The device provides useful forecast updates, including maximum and minimum temperatures for the day, wind chill, temperature differences and more. It will also provide details like sunrise and sunset hours, probability of rainfall, and UV index on a daily basis. Well, Samsung is leaving no stones unturned to make sure you are never caught out by unexpected changes in weather.




The Gear S2’s latest software update is available to download via the Samsung Gear app. Updated your device? Tell us what new feature you liked the most, in the commesnts section below.

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