Samsung is working on the Gear S4 for 2018 Launch, Model SM-R800

Mar 29, 2018

The Samsung Gear S3 has been a fantastic Tizen based smartwatch for the Korean tech since it was launched in 2016. We were hoping to see its successor, the Samsung S4, released last year, but we got the Gear Sport instead - It seems that Samsung wanted to etch out its position in the fitness wearables a little bit more.

Now, the news is that Samsung is indeed working on a device with a model number SM-R800 and the chances are this will be the Gear S4 that many have been waiting for. The model number is similar to the Gear S3 Classic (SM-R770), Frontier (SM-R760), and Gear Sport (SM-R600).

Why didn't Samsung release the Gear S4 last year? Good question. We suspect that Samsung increased its release cycle for the S4 to two years in order to allow it more time to innovate new features that can differentiate itself from the rest of the smartwatch wearables out there, and also its older sibling, the Gear S3. Samsung did innovate with the hardware bezel that was introduced on the Gear S2 and S3, but also need to do more a lot more with the S4.

As we would expect, Samsung will further improve associated fitness services provided by S Health - one being more in-depth sleep tracking. We would hope to see a release date around Q4 2018, but no news on cost or further specifications at the moment. Keep following IoT Gadgets to find out more.

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