Solving digital assets problems with IoT and Blockchain Camp in Valencia

Asseh Rebecca
Mar 21, 2018

There is a need for set rules that will ensure the safety of the exchange of data between connected devices in a trust-less environment. Blockchain technology holds the key to unlocking the potential of the future IoT distributed trust systems. But, the question is how can it secure the rules for digital assets? By April 11-15th 2018, more than 70 participants will join the IoT Blockchain Camp to deliberate on five topics smart cities, Energy, Tourism, Transport, and Health/Sport.

The first international IoT Blockchain camp is scheduled to be held in Valencia, Spain. Several seminars based on technologies which cover A.I. and machine learning, (AIML), robotics, smart contracts and oracles, embedded systems data acquisition and off-chain systems will be conducted.

There will also be a 48-hour non-stop hackathon where attendees can solve real problems with acquired skills and knowledge. This is a subevent from the same group of organisers of the IoT+Blockchain International Hackathon in Frankfurt last August. The organisers believe that blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrency but can be connected to the real world. The event seeks to address and probably solve some real problems bugging the IoT and blockchain industry.

The event is not limited to technologist alone as the event is split into 2 tracks. Participants who are attending for the first time will attend the technology seminars at the beginning of the camp to familiarize and acquire the right technical skills before participating in the hackathon. While participants with previous experience will submit their application for review before joining the hackathon.

Enrique Melero, a Switzerland-based blockchain consultant, who’s part of the brains behind one of the IoT Blockchain Camp and hackathon has explained that the use case of the Blockchain technology goes beyond the financial industry. He says, “The really interesting cases, in my opinion, are in applications outside of finance, those that resolve problems that were not addressed before and will create completely new business models not seen before.”

We anticipate the results that this camp will yield. But if you are interested in participating, you can get your web tickets here.

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