Amazon Fire TV Cube is real, will be a Echo-Fire TV hybrid

Apr 30, 2018

Back in September 2017, reports began circulating that Amazon is working on at least two new Fire TV devices. Unearthed by AFTVnews, one of the device was a pendant-style model that would dangle from your TV’s HDMI port. Amazon later announced a $70 Fire TV with pendant design and 4K support. However, nothing more was heard about the other Fire TV device, which AFTVnews claimed was a cube-shaped device. But Amazon has now confirmed the existence of the "Fire TV Cube" device through a new teaser page.


What is Fire TV Cube

Amazon has quietly rolled out a mailing list page on its website last week. The new page, with white text on a blue backdrop, is clearly a teaser for Amazon's next Fire TV device. The bold text at the top asks “What is Fire TV Cube?” and is followed by "Details coming soon". The page also has a button to sign up for email updates.

There’s basically no other information on the new device aside from the name, which clearly is Fire TV Cube. However, AFTVnews claims that the Fire TV Cube would basically be a cross between an Amazon Echo Dot and a Fire TV. It is expected to have the same far-field microphones as Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot have.



The Cube-shaped box will have Echo-like buttons atop the box, including mute and volume buttons, as well as a light bar to let you know when Alexa is listening. It’s also expected to come feature an IR emitter to control the power and volume on your TV. And thanks to Alexa, you may be able to do that with a voice command. The current crop of Fire TV devices also support Alexa, but you need to press a button and speak into the mic on a Fire TV remote control.

There’s no word on when the Fire TV Cube will be available, or how much it'll cost. But it's almost certain that it'd be more expensive than either the current Fire TV or the cheaper Fire TV Stick. The last one, the pendant design Fire TV with 4K support was launched at $70, but later saw a price drop to $50. Now it remains to be seen how much the Fire TV Cube will cost at launch.

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