Google Pixel C finally gets Google Assistant support

Apr 12, 2018

Google's “Made by Google” devices are loved universally. Be it the Pixel phones or the Chromecast, Google had success with all of them. Even the Google Home devices are gaining huge popularity globally. However, one Google device never received the same amount of attention: the Google Pixel C tablet. So much so, it didn't even have the company's very own AI helper Google Assistant until now. But it's set to change as the latest update to the Google app brings the Assistant to the tablet.


Google Assistant on Pixel C

Google began rolling out the Google Assistant to its tablet in December last year, but the Pixel C was notably left out. The web giant didn't have a good explanation as to why, but presumably because it's not the widest audience available. Launched in 2015, the Pixel C is relatively old, and it's safe to say it didn't sell in huge numbers. Google would obviously want to make Assistant as widely available as possible. This means targeting the largest user bases first, and Pixel C probably is in the bottom half of that list. However, after taking an unusually long time, Google has finally began the deployment of Google Assistant to the tablet.



If you are a Pixel C owner, just update the Google app and you'll find Google Assistant accepting written or spoken commands on your tablet. Implementation is similar to the smartphone version, but there are some noteworthy differences. For instance, the Google Lens isn't baked into Google Assistant on the Pixel C, which means it can't be used to take photos of things to get more information, though its not available on many Android smartphones as well. However, the Pixel C does gets landscape mode support for Google Assistant, which isn't something smartphones are capable of doing.

So update the Google app on your tablet, long-press the home button, and let Google assist you with your works. You can also get the APK for the latest version of Google app for Pixel C here.

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