Samsung to launch Samsung Music app on Smart TVs

Apr 11, 2018

Samsung Electronics has announced that the Samsung Music app, available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, will now be available its Smart TVs too. The app will start surfacing on Samsung Smart TVs by the end of April 2018, the South Korean tech giant said.


Samsung Music app for Smart TVs

Samsung will launch the Samsung Music app on its smart TVs released after 2016 within this month. These TVs currently support various music services, such as Melon, Bugs and Spotify. However, the company is now all set to introduce its own music on its Tizen powered smart TVs. Samsung smart TV users will be able to stream music directly from the app. Downloads or other paid services are not included in the initial release for smart TVs. These features are expected to be added in subsequent updates.

The latest, 2018 edition of Samsung smart TVs come with the company's standard artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Bixby. These TVs will now understand and respond to users' commands, such as "Please turn on songs from Samsung Music." The company said the detailed schedule of release will vary depending on models.



The Samsung Music app for smartphones is just another standard music app with all those basic features. The music in your device can be listed as tracks, albums, artists, or folders. You can select your favourite, tracks, albums, artists, and folders as well. The app comes with standard equaliser settings, including Pop, Classic, Rock and Jazz.

However, the Samsung Music app for smart TVs is expected to do a lot more than this. Samsung is also reportedly working on a Bixby integrated smart speaker of its own. So with this latest development, Samsung might also be planning to expand down the road before the release of its AI speaker later this year. Exciting times ahead for Samsung lovers.

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