Samsung patents a smartwatch with large display

Apr 5, 2018

Samsung is known for its experimental patents. We see various Samsung patents for foldable phones, innovative wearable technologies and more every few weeks. The latest one is a patent for a wearable gadget with an unusual design. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has registered Samsung's patent for a wearable with an extended display.


Smartwatch with a large display

Titled "Wearable electronic device", Samsung had applied for the patent in November 2016. The USPTO recognised and registered the patent in late March 2018. The patent document indicates that the gadget is designed to be worn on the wrist. The device is equipped with a wide strap, and a large display screen, extended outwards on one of the side parts. On the other side is a control button.

There's no technical information about the device available as of yet. But presumably, the South Korean giant is considering the possibility of a smartwatch with big display. One of the biggest problems with smartwatches is their small screens which can be clumsy at times to interact with. This technology from Samsung can theoretically provide enhanced functionality due to a large touch screen.



The smartwatches market is growing fast and it's only fitting that they grow robust to accommodate more features. A recent data, compiled by market researcher IDC, showed a record 115.4 million wearables being shipped in 2017, a growth by 10.3% when compared to 2016. IDC further predicts that the numbers will cross 130 million come the end of 2018.

The competition among the manufacturers itself is heating up and it's obvious that companies will now focus more on new innovative ways to lure customers. Chinese company, Huawei also patented a technology that literally addresses the tiny-screen issue with smartwatches, though with a completely different technology. Now with Samsung also jumping into the fore, we might not be too far away from seeing smartwatches doing a lot more than we expect them of currently.

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