You can now mute users in Instagram without unfollowing them

May 23, 2018

We all have that one friend who's intolerable on Social media. They literally clutter our social media feeds with annoying memes, unrelated status updates, and endless selfies. Well, if you are suffering one such friend on Instagram, just because unfollowing them might not go down too well in real life, Instagram now has an alternate solution for you. The social media platform now lets users "mute" accounts they wish not to see posts from.


Instagram adds "mute" option

Unfollow. Unfriend. Unsubscribe. There always are these options for you in every major social media platforms, in case you no longer want to see posts from a particular user on the platform. But then again, these platforms make it easy to see who’s following you and who isn’t. That's when features like "mute" come into effect. It allows unsubscribing from certain users' posts without breaking any connections for years.



In Instagram, the mute option is accessible via the "..." (three-dot) menu at the top-right of a user's post or profile. You can mute posts, stories, or both, depending on the activity you don't want to see from that user. Muted accounts will not be notified about your action, and you can unmute accounts at any time. Note that you can still see posts from the muted account’s on their profile page. You'll also continue to get notifications about comments or posts they’re tagged in.

So next time you see something annoying in your feed, and you wish not to see such posts again, just tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of the post and do the needful. Don't worry, they’ll have no way to see that you muted their accounts. You can still remain in touch with them via direct messages, or visit their profiles to like occasional photo to keep up appearances. Happy muting!

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