DLive launches the first blockchain-based live streaming and video sharing app

Jun 29, 2018

Expanding their services beyond their website, blockchain-based live streaming platform DLive has now launched an Android app. Built on the Steem blockchain, the app, DLive – Live Stream on the Blockchain, is the first live streaming and video sharing app on the blockchain. Content creators and curators can share original contents like gaming sessions and tutorials on the app, and earn rewards in cryptocurrency.


DLive – Live Stream on the Blockchain

Launched in October 2017, DLive is a relatively new player in the live streaming space but has already racked-up over 500,000 monthly active users. So far, its users have paid around $2.6 million in Steem cryptocurrency to DLive’s streaming creators. The cryptocurrency is given to creators when viewers send them gifts or upvote their content. The company wants to project itself as a decentralized live streaming platform, and has now launched a blockchain-based decentralized app (DApp).



Unlike rival live streaming services like Twitch, DLive does not take a cut from the rewards that creators receive when viewers upvote their favorite streamers. Viewers can also earn Steem, the cryptocurrency, by referring friends to check out DLive, upvoting contents, or by leaving comments. And the coolest part is that viewers do not actually have to dole out their own cash when they reward their favourite creators. The creators are compensated from the main Steem pool. As DLive runs on a blockchain, you don't have to worry about security of your transactions as well.


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One more reason to choose DLive for sharing your videos is that doesn't not censor original content. Instead, it relies on its users to decide what to permit and what to not. DLive is a promising new platform, which gives a lot of freedom to streamers. Tell us what do you think about it.

You can download the DLive app on your Android smartphone by clicking here.

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