Samsung Gear S4 picks up ECC certification, launch imminent

Jun 28, 2018

The Samsung Gear S4, or Galaxy watch, is nearing its launch, and is currently going through the various required certification processes. It was only last week we reported about the Gear S4 Wireless Charger getting certification from the Korean Radio Research Agency (KRRA). A week later, the smartwatch has now been spotted at the Eurasian Economic Commission’s (ECC) website for its certification. Samsung model numbers SM-R800, SM-R805, SM-R810, and SM-R815 have been spotted.


Gear S4 launch date

Back in March, we reported that Samsung has began the work on the Gear S4. Samsung's current flagship smartwatch, the Gear S3, has itself been a fantastic watch since it was launched in 2016. Most of the Samsung faithfuls were hoping to see its successor, the Gear S4, last year itself, but that didn't happen. Instead, Samsung launched more of a fitness-focused Gear Sport last year.

However, the Korean tech is now ready with the S4, which is expected to be thinner than its predecessor, and sport a bigger battery. The S4 will reportedly feature a 470mAh, a 24% increase compared to the Gear S3’s 380mAh. Just like its predecessors, Gear S4 will also come in two different models, the LTE variants of which are now being tested in the US.

Apart from improved internals, the Gear S4 is expected to be available in one more color variant - Gold. However, only one model, the successor to Gear S3 Classic, is likely to get this gold color option. A Gold hue on a sportier model like the Frontier doesn't really makes sense.



The ECC listing confirms that the Samsung Gear S4 has been certified, and the launch is imminent. However, it doesn't reveal much about the watch itself. But based on what we know so far, I hope you've got a fair idea on what to expect.

There's no official word on when Samsung will launch its upcoming smartwatch. We’re hoping to hear more about it at IFA 2018, which kicks-off on 31 August in Berlin. It also marks a year since the Gear Sport was launched, so why not!

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