LTE-enabled Samsung Chromebook on the way, suggest new commits

Jun 26, 2018

Only days after launching the second version of the Chromebook Plus (V2), Samsung seems to be working on one more variant of the Chromebook. In fact, the South Korean giant is now venturing into the always-connected Chromebook market. XDA Developers have unearthed a Coreboot code commit which shows the introduction of a new SKU of Nautilus (which, if you're not aware is the codename for the Chromebook Plus V2). The commit clearly shows configuration changes that mention LTE support.


Commit proving that a second Samsung device will come with LTE support


LTE Support for Chromebook Plus

Earlier this month, Samsung updated its Chromebook Plus, switching from ARM processor to Intel Celeron 3965Y. Samsung also lowered the display resolution of the updated version to full HD. Now it really doesn’t make sense for Samsung to have one more SKU of the same device, adding just LTE support only, at least not to me. But it's entirely possible, and I'm no one to disagree. In fact, the "Always On" PCs are trending subject these days, and Samsung, of course, wouldn't want to be left behind.



However, if we look at things differently, we could also be looking at the next iteration of the Samsung Chromebook Pro, instead of another variation of the Chromebook Plus. Or even perhaps a new device altogether. And why not? XDA has also pointed out that there is mention of a dual-core, four-thread processor in the code. The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is a dual-core, two-thread processor, meaning this new device could be anything that we aren't even considering.


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But either be the case, Always On PCs are back into business. And it now seems to be the perfect time to launch a Chromebook with LTE onboard, and Samsung may be looking to be the first one. Note that Google’s also working on eSIM support for Chromebooks, which further signals the return of LTE Chromebooks.

We recently covered a Snapdragon 845-powered Chromebook, codenamed Cheza, which also happens to be LTE-enabled. So let's see, if Samsung wins the race against Cheza to launch the first LTE-enabled Chromebook.

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