PNY 512GB MicroSD Card now available to pre-order for $349.99

Jun 8, 2018

The world's first 512GB microSD card came out and was introduced by Integral Memory. Now, PNY has made their own 512GB microSD card as well, that they have named the PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC Card P-SDU512U190EL-GE. They're showing it off at the moment at Computex 2018. Once they've made everyone drooling for it (come on man, it is 512GB), they are going to put it into the market for a whopping $349.99 (Buy it now link at the bottom of the page).


This microSD card performs with both the Class 10 and U1 specifications. PNY states that the new SD card they've created can handle transfer speeds of up to 90MB every second. This exceeds Integral Memory's transfer maximum of 80MB every second. You may now ask, what can you do with a whole 512MB? Well, for reference - you can store over 80 hours of 1080p video footage or about 100,000 songs! THAT'S A LOT OF STORAGE!!!

When you buy this product you get a lifetime warranty on it, which is great if you want some peace of mind. So far, PNY has not announced anything on availability of this card, but you can pre-order it NOW from Amazon. Just click on the BUY NOW link below:


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