Samsung Gear S3 being used as a communication tool in Hotels

Jun 19, 2018

Samsung, In collaboration with hotel operations platform ALICE, have debuted a new smartwatch solution targeting the Hotel Industry. The idea is for hotel staff to use their new Samsung Gear S3's to improve group communication and responsiveness. You would expect this type of solution to be reliant on WiFi, mainly due to being a cheaper option, but the companies have chosen LTE variants of the Gear S3 smartwatches.

Now, client requests in key service areas such as housekeeping, maintenance, and bellman services can be initiated and actioned faster. The wearable solution was created so it could directly integrate with the ALICE hotel platform. hospitality workers have the need to often work "hands-free" and therefore bulky phones or PDAs can be cumbersome to access. A wearable solution can silently alert the recipient to the message, via a vibration, and allow them to continue working, sort of uninterrupted 😉


Workers are able to accept tasks and give managers the ability to fully track the progress from it initially being logged to final resolution.

The tech solution is currently being debuted at the HITEC 2018 conference in Houston, Texas, with demonstrations at the Samsung booth (#1929) and the ALICE booth (#2319) from June 18-21.

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