Samsung Gear S4 close to launch, wireless charger certified

Jun 21, 2018

Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S4 have had plenty of talk points lately. Early in May, we revealed that Samsung has begun testing the LTE variants of the Gear S4 in the United States. However, what created the real buzz afterwards is Samsung trademarking the “Galaxy Watch” moniker at USPTO.

It was followed by the never-ending speculations on whether the upcoming Samsung smartwatch would be called the Galaxy Watch, or the Gear. Perhaps, speculations even entered another phase, that if it'd run on Samsung's Tizen OS or Google's Wear OS. There's still no official word on either of these two matters. But nevertheless, the Gear S4 (or whatever it may be called) is nearing its launch, and the latest certification it received all but confirms it's model number as well.


Gear S4 wireless charger certified

We recently reported that the S4 may feature a bigger battery than the Gear S3. Now amid the talks around the battery capacity, the Gear S4 wireless charger has received its certification in South Korea. The Korean Radio Research Agency (KRRA) has certified a wireless charger with model number EP-YO805. The KRRA listing also almost confirms that the Gear S4 will be classified with the model number SM-R805, if the previous trends are anything to go by - Gear S3’s wireless charger had model number EP-YO760 while the smartwatch itself was classified as the SM-R760.



Samsung's previous smartwatch offerings, Gear S3 and Gear Sport, had pretty decent, if not excellent, battery life. Now with a beefed-up battery capacity, we expect the Gear S4 to fare even better than its predecessors. We'll have to wait and see, and hopefully, there's not much of waiting left. Word no the street is that the Gear S4 would be launched at IFA 2018 in Berlin at the end of August. It also marks a year since the Gear Sport was launched, so why not?

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