Sprint and NXM Labs to launch a Blockchain-powered connected car platform

Jun 25, 2018

Prominent American telecommunications company, Sprint has joined hands with blockchain startup NXM Labs to launch a 5G-ready connected car platform. The platform combines high-speed, on-demand passenger Wi-Fi with advanced vehicle health monitoring and safety, including crash detection, the company said. It will also include a blockchain powered hack-proof Internet-of-Things (IoT) security system.


5G-Ready Connected Car Platform

The new platform combines NXM's "powerful automotive router" and Sprint's LTE network to keep people connected on the road. With Sprint rolling-out 5G services in the first half of 2019, the platform is all set for even faster connectivity. And users can get all this without relying on, or be affecting their smartphone plans. They will have the option of purchasing a separate cellular broadband by the day, week, or month.

Through the connected mobile apps, users can remain in contact with their family members, or connect to each other's vehicles, providing them with a completely new way of communication. The app features also include maintenance reminders, preventive notifications, scheduling and booking service appointments.



The anti-theft, roadside assistance and collision detection features of the platform make it extremely helpful in keeping families safe. Smart parental controls also let the parents track the speed at which their child is driving and be notified if the child is involved in an accident. The platform also lets users find nearby parking and low-cost gas and keeps track of the driving expenses.


In the past, as far back as 2011, insurance company, Progressive used apps and plug-in devices to monitor their clients' driving habits in order to incentivize safe driving. Sprint and NXM Labs seems to have taken this idea, and put it on a blockchain to deliver a more advanced way of safe driving. However, only time will tell if it succeeds to better serve drivers or the US citizens.

The new platform will be available starting this fall at leading automotive dealers in the US.

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