Wearables Could Make Children Vulnerable To Cyber Crime

Jun 1, 2018

Currently, the wearable market is taking the world by storm. But, the one we're talking about today is the smartwatches and how they can target our current generation of kids. We all know about the V-Tech watches for kids. Where you can play games, take pictures etc. But we don't really hear about the harm that they can cause for the kids or their families that have been targeted by cybercriminals.


What are cybercriminals?

Before we get into the details, let's start with the question, what are cybercriminals?

Cybercriminals are people that use technology for bad use or involve technology in their chosen crime. A computer may be used to execute the crime or may be targeted in it. (Thank Google for this definition!)

Now that we've got that covered, children, with their cool watches, are being targeted. How? These watches obviously are connected to something and that is usually the Internet. If you've given your kids one of those fun watches that can track them- you'll need a connection. Cybercriminals will use this to possibly hack your child's device. So the criminals will now be able to access the children. What is also bad is the fact that if the criminal/s have hacked you kid's device, they may also be able to access your home network, which would lead to your devices. So now the criminals can access you, your home and your kids. The situation may not get this bad so don't stress too much.

Allen Scott, as consumer EMEA director at cyber solutions firm McAfee has said that you may want to do research before you buy anything. You want to make sure that you're buying the most secure device you can. You should also change the default password immediately and then every month so you can lessen the chance of being hacked. Another thing that he has said is to also keep the connected home secure too. For example, you can buy routers that have the extra layer of security.

So, keep yourselves and possibly your kids (if you have them) safe. If you can contact us at [email protected] to tell us about any games, apps etc that we could possibly cover on this site.

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