Meet Xeeda - World's first cryptocurrency hardware wallet for smartphones

Jun 6, 2018

As users of digital currencies become more mainstream, the need for a safe and secure method to transact with convenience directly from smartphones is on a high. And a startup named Xeeda has come up with one unique solution for that. The new company has created a simple, secure and convenient way to access, exchange and manage your digital currency assets from your smartphone. It is offering the world's first cryptocurrency hardware wallet for smartphones.


Xeeda hardware wallet

Xeeda is an easy to use solution that lets you access your cryptocurrencies, manage your balance and initiate transfers. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ZenCash and many other altcoins. Xeeda comes with an integrated app for easy access and exchange of your digital currency assets. The company has tied-up with Switzerland-based ShapeShift Exchange to enable its users to securely trade digital assets through their smartphones. You can also keep an investment portfolio, where you can manage your investments and monitor real-time cryptocurrency price changes.



Xeeda's patent-pending hardware device is built on top of robust security features that aims to provide secure and convenient mobile access to cryptocurrency users via direct smartphone connection and fingerprint ID. It allows transaction initiations and confirmations only when the hardware device is connected to your smartphone. Xeeda hardware wallet never connects to the internet, making it immune to malware and firmware attacks. The company claims that your cryptographic digital access keys are stored in a secure hardware device that is tamper-proof and hack-proof, and can only be accessed by designated applications authorized by you.

The Xeeda hardware wallet is supported on iOS and Android devices. To use the hardware wallet, users will need to download the XEEDA app on their smartphone. Now simply plug the device into your smartphone, set a pin, scan your fingerprint, and access your XEEDA app. The hardware wallet is priced at $199. But the company is running an exclusive VIP early bird discount, offering the wallet at just $119 for the first 1000 customers. You can pre-order Xeeda wallet here, with the company expecting to deliver the hardware by Q4 2018.

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