Dixons Warehouse Data Breach Affecting Another 9 Million Customers

Jul 31, 2018

As you may know over the years Dixons Warehouse has had some data breaches which is a massive thing. But, what you may not have known, is that the data breaches have affected a massive number of about 9 million additional customers. The company states that the records that have been taken do not include their customer's payment card and bank account details.

The company has collectively apologised to all of the customers when they declared that the data breach last year affected personal data held in another 8.8 million records. The company has also announced that they were alerted by the latest breach by investigators on Monday evening. The admission, that came in the early hours of the next day, contained the second discovery that is connected to the first data breach in six weeks and the third data breach since 2015.


The customer personal records that flagged up on Tuesday related to dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers - the total amount of personal records affected leading to almost 10 million. After the company had recognised this massive issue, Alex Baldock (Dixons Warehouse's chief executive) has said that the company's been working 'around the clock' to resolve this issue. He has also said that he's closed off unauthorised access, adding new security measures which have given them a fuller understanding of the incident. Although they may be putting their all into this, customers are still angry at the company for keeping this massive issue a 'secret' until now.

The company has stated that they will keep on updating their obviously worried customers and will try to sort this mess out as soon as possible.

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