Galaxy Watch receives certification by NRRA

Jul 31, 2018

We are looking forward to the launch of Samsung's next flagship wearable, which will almost certainly be called the Galaxy Watch, that will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9 at the Unpacked event on August 9 (not long to go) in New York.

Recently, the watch received its FCC certifications, which usually points to an imminent release. Today, the wearable tech has received another certification and this time it is the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). Four different models have been certified: SM-R800, SM-R805N, SM-R810, and SM-R815N. The different models possibly pertain to the different screen sizes, 1.2-Inch and 1.3-Inch, and LTE options available.


There were rumours that the Galaxy Watch might run Google's Wear OS, due to a couple of leaks and the name change, but now it seems that Samsung is sticking with the Tizen OS. This will be the first wearable device that supports Tizen 4.0 and it will be great to see what UI enhancements and performance Improvements Samsung can bring with this new iteration of the OS. Tizen 5.0 has also been released but I presume Samsung have not had enough time to create a fully functional wearable platform with it - we could, however, see it as a future update.


Will Gear S3 receive a Tizen 4.0 update?

Updating a Smartwatches platform to a different version is not an easy task. There is always the potential that consumers might face issues, so tech companies are reluctant to perform this feat. Samsung, however, are realising now more than ever that they need to try going beyond expectations, like we have seen with Gear S2 updates, and offer longer support to its wearable devices. With that said, I think Samsung will run the Gauntlet with a Tizen 4.0 update for Gear S3 users, giving them another reason to choose Samsung over the competition.

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