We were originally hoping that Chrome OS version 68 would get Linux App support, but that wasn’t the case. Now, Chrome 69 is said to be released for the 4th September this year. (Not too long left to go) and the update has a strong chance to hit Google’s very own Chromebook first instead of the other Chromebook. This information is gleaned from several commits that suggest a review of the Crostini project will now finalise.

Without the upcoming update, Linux app support is already available on a fair amount of Chrome OS laptops that are running the Dev Channel version of the Chrome OS. The fair amount of Chrome OS laptops, which includes Google’s own Pixelbook and HP’s Chromebook x2, can potentially run Linux Apps. But, as many of these laptops are not high specification machines, they might (will) struggle to adequately┬árun Linux Apps.


Introducing Linux apps to the Chrome OS should allow the users to go further than what’s possible with today’s web and/or Android apps. The effect of having Linux on the Chrome OS will make the operating system more in-line with traditional desktop environments.

The actual Chrome OS version 69 update should be coming to your devices on the 4th September, as I said, not too long to go.

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