Motiv’s fitness ring now gets Android supports

Jul 26, 2018

Have you heard of the Motiv ring? Well, it's a sleek ring that tracks your activity, sleep and your heart rate. According to many people that have used it, the Motiv ring is very comfortable on your finger, it blends in with their attire for the day and it's not as chunky as all the other ones on the market today (according to some people). Say if you're going to go for a jog, the ring senses it and starts recording immediately. When it records your data, it syncs with the Motiv App which helps you to set goals for yourself so you can be a better you.


So as we can see, the ring is very capable. It all seems good until we get to the part that it wasn't compatible with Android devices - until now. In April this year, Motiv offered compatibility in an open beta. Now, the app is up and running for everyone in a variation of handsets which includes the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Note, and the S9.
The company's CEO, Tejash Unadkat, stated that the Android compatibility was their most requested ask. Which made people question why it took them so long to release it. Many people suspect it was because they have a small team of people and/or wanted to get everything right. Adding on to the Android support, Motiv has also integrated with Google's own health-tracking app called Fit.
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