Pixelbook 2, with thinner bezels, coming this fall

Jul 24, 2018

Google's Pixel launch last fall delivered a lot of new products, including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. While the two Google smartphones were the stars of the show, another device, that looked to be an interesting tech piece, was the Google Pixelbook. A slender hybrid tablet/laptop, running Chrome OS and offering Google Assistant on the desktop, Google Pixelbook is arguably still the best Chromebook out there. And word is that we'll see an even better, second-generation Pixelbook this fall.


Pixelbook 2

Popular leakster, Evan Blass recently tweeted that Google will launch a new, upgraded Pixelbook this fall. And given his track record with leaks, there's every reason to believe its true. Blass says the new Pixelbook will feature smaller bezels than its predecessor. The device will ship before the end of the year, he added.



Earlier in May, Blass had tweeted that the Pixel launch this fall will also see the debut of a Pixel-branded smartwatch. The other devices to be launched at upcoming Google fall hardware event are the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, and a new generation Pixel Buds.



The original Pixelbook already rocks a thin and light design has an amazing keyboard and offers killer performance. It’s light-weight, portable, has access to Android apps, can turn into a tablet, and does everything you need to do on a laptop (almost). In simple words, it’s the best Chromebook, and a new device, with even thinner bezels, plus improved performance would make it an outright winner.

There’s, of course, no news on specs for this next-gen model yet. However, the highest end Pixelbook currently offers a 12.3-inch QHD display, 7th-gen Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and 512GB ROM. Price is a little on the more expensive end of the Chromebook scale, but the features it offers makes us love it. Can't wait to see an even better Pixelbook.

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