Samsung launches a new IoT powered smart door lock

Jul 6, 2018

Samsung SDS, a Samsung subsidiary focusing on IT solutions, has announced a new IoT-powered smart door lock. The device, model number SHP-DR900, appears to be an upgraded successor to the existing smart door lock solutions from Samsung. It is equipped with a power-efficient Wi-Fi module, supports remote control and can notify users about the door activities in real-time.


Samsung smart door lock

As to be expected from an IoT device, the new Samsung smart door lock can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone. Remote control allows you to open the door when guests come to the house and you're in the office. Through the connected app, users can keep a tab on the history of opening and closing of the door. You can also monitor the current status of the door, and get notified every time the door opens and closes.



The SHP-DR900 itself is equipped with an upgraded fingerprint sensor to improve accuracy and make access more secure. The built-in sensor on the doorknob detects movements around and quickly notifies the owner if something suspicious is detected. The sensor can also detect hand movements, allowing users to open the door with a slight touch on the knob.

Furthermore, Samsung claims the lock is installed with the in-house Samsung SDS-White Box Cryptography and Samsung SDS-Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer technologies. They provide reliable protection from information leakage, effectively eliminating hacking concerns. The power-efficient Wi-Fi chip on the device, meanwhile, gives twice the battery life as compared to other similar offerings in the market.



Samsung intends to make all of its products interconnected by 2020. In fact, at the CES 2018, the company announced that 90% of its products already have IoT capabilities. Furthermore, the company wants to penetrate deeper into the smart home market. So we might see a lot more IoT-ready smart gadgets from Samsung in the near future.

Samsung is yet to announce the pricing and availability information for the SHP-DR900.

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