Zippie - bringing blockchain to the masses

Jul 4, 2018

"Bye bye apps, hello dapps." This is how Zippie - the first blockchain-based mobile operating system (OS) for smartphones - greets you on its website. Well, the blockchain-based decentralized apps, or DApps, are believed to be just around the corner, and Zippie wants to bring them to the masses through the Zippie OS. And the company has made quite a healthy progress so far.


Zippie OS

Built on Ethereum blockchain, Zippie is a brainchild of Jolla veterans Dr. Antti Saarnio, Carsten Munk and Pasi Rusila. The trio co-founded Zippie with a vision to bring blockchain to the masses. The company announced the launch of Zippie OS Alpha in the Ethereum testnet in April. The product is expected to move to mainnet by September, after a security audit, scheduled to start this week.

In the meantime, the Zippie Card, a credit-card sized smart card that acts as a 2-factor authentication for your large cryptocurrency transactions, is now production ready. The company has, in fact, placed the order to the manufacturer and estimates to have them delivered to the Zippie warehouse in the 2nd half of July. The Zippie Card also acts as a recovery card in case you lose your Zippie ID powered smartphone.



All along, Zippie also has an exciting offer for anyone interested in Zippie tokens (ZIPT). The company is organizing a Christmas airdrop, which gives you 10.5% on top of your existing ZIPT, if you sign up within this month. Anyone with ZIPT in their wallet can sign-up for the offer by visiting Zippie Telegram at


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In May, Zippie partnered up with global smartphone and IoT device company Borqs Technologies (NASDAQ: BRQS). The two companies together plan to offer blockchain phone reference designs for smartphone brands worldwide. It is not known if they've made any significant progress so far, but it's really a niche idea, especially when the world is shifting towards decentralization.

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