Chromebooks soon be able to dual-boot Windows 10

Aug 14, 2018

A number of Chromebooks may very soon be able to run Windows 10 OFFICIALLY. Earlier this year, it was reported that Google is working on a project called "AltOS" which would allow its Pixelbook to install and run Windows. Now, a new feature, called Campfire, seems to be able to deliver proper dual-boot support for many other Chromebooks in the future. And interestingly, this feature wouldn’t require running developer mode like other dual-booting options have in the past.


Campfire - enabling Windows 10 on Chromebooks

Campfire is a new project for Chrome OS which may enable Chromebooks to dual-boot Windows 10. And as per the code commits, the support is not limited to the Google Pixelbook only, but multiple "variants" - that is, on more than one Chrome OS device. So basically, Campfire is the Chromebook equivalent of Apple’s Boot Camp.



However, before you get too excited, note that not all Chrome OS devices would have the option. There are some big limits on this. First, Google isn’t just flipping a switch and letting every Chromebook owner dual-boot their PC. Rather, OEMs would have to verify that Windows works properly on their hardware, just like Google did with Pixelbook recently.

Secondly, and most importantly, this feature requires quite a big amount of flash storage. Codes suggest that Campfire would require at least 40GB of storage for everything to work properly. It's a big big limitation, given the fact that many Chromebooks in the market have 32GB or less storage.

As said earlier, this feature wouldn’t require running developer mode. So anyone with a little technical knowledge and a compatible Chromebook shouldn't find it difficult to get up and running.


It's still unclear when the technology would be ready for public demonstration. However, Google might be pushing hard to make it ready sooner than later. The company sorely needs to demonstrate something big after their €5 billion anti-trust fine last month. Google’s hardware event is just around the corner, where the company is expected to launch the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. There are also rumors of a Pixelbook v2 and a Pixel Watch. Add to that, a Campfire demo? We'll have to wait and see.

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