Cloak Phone - a new John McAfee inspired privacy-focused luxury blockchain smartphone

Aug 7, 2018

The "ultimate private smartphone" is finally here. John McAfee recently took to Twitter to announce that the early access applications for his new Cloak Phone are available now. Billed as a device that brings “luxury of privacy” for everyone, Cloak Phone is built by Blackout Mobile and Team McAfee.

The company says the current crop of smartphones do very little to protect user privacy. These devices freely share sensitive user information with third parties, which the Cloak Phone aims to stop.

"Vulnerabilities inherent to smartphones, apps, and cellular providers compromise our privacy and personal safety. Simply by using our smartphone we have unknowingly forfeited control of our name, address, phone number, date of birth, fingerprints, social security number, credit card numbers, bank account logins, crypto-currency account logins, passwords, photos, emails, texts, contacts, browsing and location history," the company explains.

So what exactly is the Cloak Phone? Let's have a look.


Cloak Phone - the ultimate private smartphone

Developed with the privacy of users in mind, Cloak Phone is an ultra-secure and highly private smartphone which aims to topple the current smartphone leaders, like Apple, Samsung, and Google in security.

As the company explains, the private data that we give-away simply by using our smartphones are easily accessible to anyone who has a warrant. Privacy is practically non-existent in the current crop of smartphones. However, the Cloak Phone is leveraging blockchain technology to overcome this and increase device security, ultimately offering users more privacy.



The Cloak Phone is powered by the Fortress OS. The OS has native security features designed specifically to enhance the security of the phone. Some of the built-in security features include a baseband firewall, verified secure boot, and end-to-end encryption of texts and calls.

The OS also has full disk encryption with AES256, encrypted internal storage, and secure data handling and remote wipe. There's also zero-day vulnerability and incursion defense. In addition, Fortress also tracks and blocks ads to protect your meta-data, further enhancing your privacy.

Interestingly, the Cloak Phone is also compliant with the GDPR, the new data storage requirements from the European Union.

Bottom line, the Cloak Phone is all about the thorny issue of privacy, and theoretically, it addresses a lot of them. It could ultimately end up as the first step towards enhancing privacy for individual and enterprise users, but only if the team succeeds in delivering their vision in a real world device.


Get early access to the Cloak Phone

As said earlier, you can now apply for the early access to this highly hyped phone. Click here to register your interest. The company expects to launch the phone by the second half of 2019 (Q2 2019).

Find more about the Cloak Phone at

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