Google shows you how pathetic Windows is in its latest Youtube video

Aug 1, 2018

Google has got it's own Chromebook line (Pixel) and to advertise it they took a massive jab at Windows. The video is named 'If you want a laptop you can count on. You Chromebook' In this one minute video, Google addresses our worst nightmare when it comes to Windows. The Microsoft OS has a constant need for updating STRAIGHT AWAY, the progress bars that seem to track time in a completely different universe to our own. The eternal curse of permission dialog boxes, callouts and whatever else needs doing that haunt every Windows user.

Windows does make the user interact more with the laptop with its constant needs than what a Chromebook user is required to do. Windows alerts you about everything and needs permission or needs to tell you about everything little thing that's going on with it (it sounds a lot like a delinquent child at this point) and Chromebook can do things by itself (the Chromebook is the bird that left the nest). The Chromebook can do much of what Windows can after all (we can debate this another time).

Chromebook is still not a jack of all trades, but that is getting addressed by Android apps, upcoming Linux support, and Progressive Web Apps. Check out the video to show you more strengths and weaknesses (according to Google). The Chrome OS is still young compared to all of its competitors and has to really try had to get over obstacles, such as getting people to see it as a good and trustworthy OS - let alone making people think that it is one of the greatest.




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