iOS 12 Beta users harassed by Popup prompting them for an update

Aug 31, 2018

If your an Apple iPhone or iPad iOS user who has recently installed the current iOS 12 beta OS, then the chances are that you are currently being plagued by a pop-up message.

The offending message reads as follows: "A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta." Why is this message so offensive? Well, there is no update available as users are running the currently available update. You can repeatedly check, but no update will materialise at the moment.


This issue first began for Beta testers on August 27, but for some reason, the frequency of how often users are seeing the popup seems to be increasing. The pop-up seems to be triggered by a user unlocking their iPhone or iPad, requiring the message to be dismissed.

According to Developer Guilherme Rambo, there is an incorrect date/time algorithmic calculation that makes the Operating System think that the current build is about to expire and that triggers the said pop-up notification message.

End users have begun to complain on social media and forums to this problem as it is becoming more and more frequent, with some users stating that it happens every-time they unlock the screen. Currently there is no news as to when a fix will be available.

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