Samsung Galaxy Home Announced - A Smart Speaker Powered by Bixby

Aug 10, 2018

Yesterday, Samsung had announced that they would be going into the smart speaker market with their Galaxy Home speaker. This smart speaker is high-end and rivals Apple's smart speaker (HomePod). But, Samsung is hoping that their Galaxy Home speaker stands apart from its rivals with its promise to give you higher quality audio.

The Galaxy Home has a vase-like shape with three short and thin metal legs. The smart speaker's top is flat with the control buttons to skip tracks or change the volume. The body of the Galaxy Home is wrapped in a fabric like Google Home's. Galaxy Home has been made to give us surround sound audio by using six built-in speakers.

The speaker is powered by Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant that is like Siri and Google assistant. Bixby can do your everyday tasks that little bit easier for you. Bixby can set alarms, calendar entries and much more, which includes calling an Uber when you need one. Say you're getting late and you don't have time to go onto your phone to order one (even though if you have Samsung's latest phones, you'll have Bixby on there) you can multitask. Get Galaxy Home to call the Uber while you panic about what you've left in the other room! So with it being on Samsung Home is a great feature.

More details are to be announced in November about Galaxy Home. We are expecting more details about Bixby and its workings at the Samsung Developer Conference in November.

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