Samsung Galaxy Watch to come with an eSIM in Finland

Aug 15, 2018

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Watch will be available with an embedded SIM card (eSIM) in Finland. The Telia Company has enabled the eSIM solution for the watch in the country. The Galaxy Watch becomes the first smart device in Telia Finland’s network to have eSIM feature.

Galaxy Watch with eSIM

If you're not familiar, eSIM is an electronic SIM card soldered to the motherboard of a device. It is the virtual embedded equivalent of the physical card we currently use. It is an extremely tiny chip with a dimension of just 6x5 mm, which is smaller than a Nano-SIM card. The chip is rewritable by all telecom operators. This essentially means you can port your mobile number from one operator to another over-the-air, without having to visit a physical store.


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While the eSIM has numerous advantages, the technology is still far from popular, mainly in the smartwatch and smartphone sector. Not many devices in the current market boast the technology, and the Galaxy Watch is set to become one such exception, albeit in Finland only. With eSIM, Galaxy Watch users in Finland can leave their smartphone behind and still make calls, reply to messages, receive notifications, and more.

"Services go digital, and similarly the future of the SIM card is digital. We want to be in the front line and introduce more smooth service to our customers now that eSIM devices are getting more and more common. Managing your subscriptions will be easier with eSIM, when an increasing number of smart devices around us need an internet connection," says Jussi Vuorinen, head of device business at Telia Finland.


Samsung Galaxy Watch pre-sales will start in Telia Finlands’s sales channels on September 14.


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