Samsung Gear S3, Fit2 Pro, and Gear Sport Deal on NOW!

Aug 4, 2018

DEAL ALERT!!!! 5 Gear watches have been put on sale on Toby Deals. We have the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Black, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Red, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and the Samsung Gear Sport.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Black

This is really great if you are a person who is active and wants to keep track of their exercise efficiently and wants to look stylish at the same time. If you want to get into more exercise, this is also great, the Gear Fit2 Pro helps you to get targets done, drink more water and just generally get better. Healthy body, healthy mind!

There is a Black and a Red version of this device. So, you actually have a selection (of two) of which one you want. The Gear Fit2 Pro is selling for £99.99 and its original price was £199.00, so you get £99.01 off!


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Red (Large)

As I said above, there's a red version of the Fit2 that is currently on sale. This (like the black) helps you to reach your ideal health level, body shape etc. It gets you into competitions with your friends (or strangers if you prefer it) to see who can reach a certain amount of steps in a certain amount of time. This really helps if you're competitive, it really drives you to go that extra mile to win, and you're getting fit at the exact same time. What's better than that? This red version of the Gear Fit2 Pro is actually selling for £102.99 where it's original was £199.00. So in this sale, you get £97 off of the watch!

There is also a smaller version of this watch as well, if that will fit you better. The smaller version of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is currently selling for £104.99 and it's original price is £199 so you save £94.01.


Samsung Gear S3

This is the flagship wearable device from Samsung at the moment. You get great styling looks as well as functional business and fitness features. The Gear S3 has a screen size of 1.3-Inches, which is a nice size for you to swipe across on. Both variants of this device, the classic and frontier, are on for sale for £186.99 and £189.99 respectively. If you want this deal then click on the link below.

Samsung-Gear-S3-Fit-2-Pro-Gear-Sport-Deal-2 Samsung-Gear-S3-Fit-2-Pro-Gear-Sport-Deal-1


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You can grab all these deals by using the respective link from below:

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