Samsung to remove connected services from Health app on September 1st

Aug 16, 2018

Samsung Health is one of the most full-featured health and wellness applications for mobile phones. The already so comprehensive app is set to get even more functionality with the Galaxy Watch. The Health app on the Galaxy Watch has a new stress management tracker, and also adds 21 new indoor exercises. However, not everything's going well with the app. Starting September 1, the app will get rid of integration with connected services, one of its most sought-after feature.


Samsung to remove connected services from health app

In June 2016, Samsung updated its Health app, adding the ability to sync data to a number of popular online services including Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper, Microsoft Health, Misfit and Strava. This capability gives Samsung devices a big upper-hand in the health monitoring segment. Although Samsung Health is strictly limited to mobile devices only, you can use a Samsung smartwatch to collect your activity and health data and sync to these popular services. Since these services are available as websites, you can view and manage your data on your PC as well. For example, if you go on a run with the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, you have the option to send the data collected to Fitbit, and the other apps, and access it on their website.



However, this all is set to become a past, come September 1. Starting that day, Samsung Health users will no longer be able to sync their health data to other connected services, except Strava. In addition, Samsung is also removing UV tracker and temperature and humidity tracker from the Health app.

It's still unclear as to why Samsung has taken this step, probably because the company wants to exercise an element of independence. Also, the Galaxy Watch is set to introduce new exercise and wellness features, and it's likely that Samsung Health will continue to improve so that these additional services are not missed.

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