Brydge reveals a new Chrome OS device, possibly the Pixelbook 2

Sep 20, 2018

Google is widely expected to launch the 2nd-gen Pixelbook in its upcoming "Made By Google" event. We have already seen a number of leaks and rumors surrounding what the Pixelbook 2 might look like. Now, the latest leak suggests that the device would be a convertible, or what we can call a Pixelbook tablet.


Pixelbook tablet

Brydge, a third-party purveyor of premium keyboards for tablets, has just revealed two Chrome OS tablet keyboards. However, what's more interesting is that one of the listings has a Chrome tablet attached to it. While this could be a simple render, we believe it's the new Google hardware also known as Nocturne, or the Pixelbook tablet. And there's a rationale behind this belief.



Firstly, the device is shown with Chrome OS and a USB Type-C port on the bottom left. Interestingly, Nocturne will have two USB Type-C ports, likely one on each side. Second, on the top of the shown device is a power button which, interestingly, is placed exactly on the same location as this fingerprint sensor enrollment image for Chrome OS found by Chrome Unboxed. And we already know that Nocturne would support a fingerprint sensor. The fact that there’s no company logo on the bottom bezel also adds credibility to the belief that this is a Google device.



If we compare what the image reveals with what we already know about Nocturne, we find even more similarities. Nocturne will boast acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and will need multiple microphone holes, just like on the above tablet. Nocturne is also not expected to have an SD card slot, and we don’t see any on the above image as well, although we can only see two of the tablet’s four sides. There are also two elongated speakers on the left and right side bezels, and no other tablet has ever had such long speakers.


With all this said, what do you make of the image above? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Meanwhile, we're less than three weeks away from Made By Google event in New York. So stay tuned for all the latest happenings.

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