Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and get a FREE Gear S3

Sep 17, 2018

Samsung Electronics have just announced some great deals for its fans in the US. The company is giving-off freebies worth over $300 for the customers who purchase either of its two latest smartphones - the Galaxy Note9 or the Galaxy S9. Buyers get three different offers to choose from. One is offered by the company itself, while the other two are offered in partnership with Verizon and AT&T.


Get freebies worth over $300 with Samsung Galaxy Note9

If you buy the 512 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note9, you get a free Gear S3, or a Gear Fit2 Pro of your choice, and a free wireless charger. The handset itself costs $1,250, but the two freebies, which are worth over $300, come for FREE. If you're not willing to spend extra bucks for 512 GB storage capacity, you can buy the 128 GB variant at $1,000, and get a Gear Fit2 Pro for free. You can also choose to get a Gear S3 and a wireless charger over the Gear Fit2 Pro, but you'll have to pay $99 extra for it. The above offer is also available on the purchase of a Galaxy S9 smartphone, whose price starts at $670.



Buying these Samsung handsets on Verizon Device Payment also rewards you with the same freebies. The freebies will be sent to you once you activate the handset on the Verizon network.



Buy Samsung Galaxy Note9 on AT&T and get 75% off another

If you prefer AT&T network, buying a 128 GB Samsung Galaxy Note9 on it makes you eligible to get another at 75% off. However, both the devices should be on AT&T Next with eligible wireless. You'll also have to buy a new line with the network and agree for a minimum $1,000 on instalment. The 75% discount will be credited on your monthly bills over 30 months. AT&T will also charge you $30 for activation of the new line.



The latest Samsung deals are valid until 2nd October or while supplies last, whichever is sooner. So make sure you act fast. Click on the "Buy Now" link below to find the offers at Samsung's official website.



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