How good is the Galaxy Watch's battery life?

Sep 14, 2018

Samsung's new Galaxy Watch is one of the few best smartwatches in the current market. While it's not drastically different from the Gear S3 or Gear Sport, it has its own advantages over the likes of Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 as well.

One of the biggest selling point of the watch, as advertised by Samsung, is its battery life. Samsung claims the watch to run 80+ hours (46mm) on normal use in a single charge. The exact amount of operating time, however, will obviously depend on various real-world factors. So how accurate is Samsung's claim about the battery life of the watch? Let's hear from some of its early adopters who are starting to chime in with their experience in various online forums.


Samsung Galaxy Watch battery life

If the feedback from some of the early adopters of the Galaxy Watch is anything to go by, Samsung's claims may not be a lie at all. Most of the users seem to be content with the battery life of the watch. A user named jeepentj, who owns a 46mm LTE Galaxy Watch, says the watch runs for about two and a half days on a single charge, with AOD.

"I have the 46mm LTE version and keeping the screen on all the time (AOD on), I'm getting about 2.5 days between charges. My guess is I'll get three when the newness of it wears off (and I stop playing with it)."

Another user enthuz, who also owns the same watch, says, "wow, mine is not that bad with everything on. I can get a little over 2 days. I will start cutting back features as I learn which ones I don't need them on all of the time."




Owners of the Bluetooth version of the watch are also quite content with its battery life. Vtgant says, "I have been on my watch for 3 days and 7 hours exercising every day with all the notifications turned on and I still have 25% left."

"After an eight hour workday plus lunch and commuting, I come home with an 84% charge, or 78% if I have AOD on. I've got the LTE version but I don't use LTE during the workday," says Arunma.

"Just shy of 4 days on my 46mm bluetooth version with some moderate to heavy use," Nacho1545 supports the two claims.


However, not everyone seems as content with the watch's battery life. "42mm Bluetooth version and found I was around 40-45% each night of after 3 18 hour days of use. Today was a 13 hour day where and I had around 60% left. No way will this watch go 2 days," says Mike1117.

He's not the only one though. Wolfpack_Lamb says "My 46mm Bluetooth version will go 2 days before needing a charge but that's all. I'd say usage has been moderate both days. Not quite as long as I was hoping but decent I guess."

They get support from Craig Cozze, who says, "I have no idea where Samsung got the 4-5 day battery life from, I have the 46mm Bluetooth and its one day and maybe a morning max. I lost almost 40% on good night mode, crazy."



While it's quite weird for the same watch to behave differently for different users, some suggest a mere factory reset would solve the issue. Some users also suggested that the watches could be defective, and that exchanging them would be the best option.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is winning hearts of many, and if you've just bought it, or are on the fence, here's how you can get the best out of it.

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