Motorola One and One Power announced - Android One based mobiles

Sep 1, 2018

The Motorola One and Motorola One Power have been all over the web for the past few months with the leaks of the smartphones. Some reports even suggest that the new Motorola P30 for the Chinese market is actually equal to the Motorola One for the global market. It seems that even though the Motorola One and One Power share a similar design to the P30, they are entirely new devices.


Motorola announced both devices (Motorola One and One Power) by using a short blog post and a landing page on their official website. There is not a lot of information there but there is something that we can work with here. The Motorola One is built around a 5.9" FHD+ panel with a 19:9 aspect ratio and a notch on top. The back of the case is made of glass and houses a double camera setup and a fingerprint reader.


The main sensor is 13MP but the second one is unknown to us at this moment in time. Motorola only mentions the front-facing 8MP camera. A Snapdragon 625 chipset powers the phone and the battery "should last a full day" on a single charge. The Motorola One has 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable storage and a 3,000 mAh battery. The Motorola One Power is a slightly bigger version. It has a 6.2" FHD+ display with the same 19:9 aspect ratio. It has the same Snapdragon powering it but has 64GB of expandable storage. The press release also mentioned a two-day battery life. If this is, in fact, true, we could be looking at a 5,000 mAh unit inside.


The main feature for the both of these phones is the Android One experience. Motorola tells us about the swift update to the Android 9.0 Pie after its release. Unfortunately, it's too early in the stages to connect everything - especially with so many missing pieces. The Motorola official website says that these phones are "coming soon"

When the phones are released globally (to Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific) they should cost €299.

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